Relationships Designed for Success

At Barbeau Architects, relationships matter - and that includes the partnerships we have developed with some of the Midwest’s leading construction professionals. Our greater team provides seamless project development and execution, and add value to our clients’ investment. The following are a few of the contractors and builders with whom we have been privileged to work closely.

Builders Commonwealth
Carlson-Lavine, Inc.
CBS Construction Services, Inc.
C.W. Mears Company
D.J. Kranz Company
Dornick Construction
D.S. Trudeau Construction
Hass Bros. Construction, Inc.
Karkela Construction, Inc.
Kuiper Specialties, Inc.
Knutson Construction Services
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Master Construction
Midwest Wrought Iron
NBC Construction
PCL Construction Services
PRM Contracting
Rochon Corporation
Rutledge Construction
Shingobee Builders
D.S. Trudeau Construction Co.
Terranova, LLC Real Estate and Construction
Townsend Construction