Contractor Partners

The Architect-Contractor relationship during construction is one of mutual trust and confidence, providing peace-of-mind and added value to the Owner's investment. 

These are some of the contractors Barbeau Architects has worked with over the years. A click on the hot links will open up a new window to the contractor's website. 

  • Carlson-Lavine, Inc.
  • CBS Construction Services, Inc.
  • D.J. Kranz Company
  • D.S. Trudeau Construction
  • Hass Bros. Construction, Inc.
  • Karkela Construction, Inc.
  • Kuiper Specialties, Inc.
  • Knutson Construction Services
  • Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
  • Master Construction
  • NBC Construction
  • PCL Construction Services
  • Rochon Corporation
  • Rutledge Construction
  • Terranova, LLC Real Estate and Construction